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Temporary Workers Have Skills Permanent Workers Don’t

Siobhan Rourke

In our recruiting experience at Hatty, we know that there are certain qualities temporary workers have, which will add real value to your business.

Range of Skills

We find that candidates who have undertaken temporary work have a particular set of skills. They can adapt quickly to new environments and lend themselves to a range of tasks, more so than an employee who has been in the same position for several years.

A Good Fit

It is becoming increasingly common for employers to use a holistic approach to hiring. Sometimes it isn’t enough anymore to have the right set of skills or qualifications to be offered a job – hiring managers look for a diverse workforce that will enrich their culture.

This doesn’t mean creating a workplace full of clones, but being mindful about the shared values and ethos of the business.

It’s common too that a temporary employee is both adaptable and flexible; they are used to working in different organisations and cultures and rarely have a fixed mindset either.

One of the biggest bonuses of taking on a temporary or temp-to-perm worker is that you can gauge whether they will be good for your organisation before you offer anyone a permanent
contract too.

And this is a two-way street. Both employee and employer need to know that the partnership is going to work out in the long run, temping allows both parties to ‘try before they buy’.

Global Affair

We are no longer tied to our geographical locations like we once were – temporary work has exploded with the rise of the internet. Employers can now take on someone who lives in a different country to undertake digital work for them.

If the vacant position is one where the employee can work from home, the ability to use temp workers from all over the world dramatically increases the number of candidates you have to choose from too.

Easy to Train

In our experience, temporary workers are much easier to train than staff who have only ever worked in permanent roles. When you have an unexpected vacancy in your business at a crucial level in your team, you need to act fast.

Most temporary workers have plenty of experience in learning new skills and getting used to new environments – this in itself is a desirable skill.