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Why should you hire freelancers through an agency?

Jo Donelan

As an employer, you might want to use staff you already have to fill a vacancy which arises unexpectedly. If your employment needs are only going to be temporary (i.e. sickness or a specific timeframe) it is usually better to keep current staff in their roles and fill the temporary gap using the help of a recruitment agency so your current staff are able to keep focussing on their goals and workstreams.

Recruitment agencies with a temp arm are experts at quickly finding the right person for your opening; in fact, they probably already have several suitable candidates in their pipeline.

Some of the main reasons to work with a recruiter to fulfil your temporary staffing needs include (but are not limited to) -

  • Recruiters will quickly advertise, interview and recruit for your position.
  • They take care of everything from the job posting to the contract.
  • It will reduce your time needed on managing the vacancy
  • Your business will not be the temporary worker’s employer, they will legally be employed by the recruiter, and so you will not be liable for any problems that may arise.

We believe that this final bullet point is the most advantageous reason for a business to work with a recruiter for their temporary staffing needs, and this is worth the recruiter's fee of an extra couple of pounds per hour.

If your organisation has never drawn up a temporary contract before, it can be daunting. By their nature, temporary contracts can be confusing, especially if you do not know the specific end date, which many companies who hire temporary staff do not have in mind.

IR35 can be a problem for companies who hire a temporary worker without fully understanding the implications. Working with a recruitment company for your temporary staffing needs means you don’t have to worry about any of these legal stipulations – you benefit from the temporary work without having the headache of the tax and contract implications.

Another advantage is that any HR issues will also be the responsibility of the recruitment company.

If the new employee is not the right fit, is not competent in the skills they said they were, starts turning up late or any other problem arises, one phone call to your recruiter will be able to solve this.