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Building Productive Teams and Schedules

Hatty Blue

One of the most common reasons that stops people from working productively is a lack of an efficient schedule.

Schedules and plans are a logical first step though they can be a challenge for some people depending on how they mentally approach their work.

An essential requirement to achieve success is a growth mindset. Many managers and teams get stuck in a cycle of inefficiency due to a 'fixed mindset' and the inability to believe there is a way to 'do it' differently.

Fixed mindset: The belief that abilities, intelligence, and skills are fixed traits.

Growth mindset: Believing that you can develop talents and abilities through effort. Get your team familiar with developing their skills and the idea that change is good. businesses in the mindset of 'we've always done it this way' are unlikely to increase productivity quickly.

Talk to your team to determine the parts of their roles that cause them to break from their working cycle.

• Do they regularly need to ask for help when undertaking a specific task?

• Are the task and process clear?

• Is there a way to build more autonomy into your team through coaching and training?

Despite all the training and coaching you can provide, the truth is that some employees will be naturally better at specific tasks than others.

Business growth is first and foremost about people, and understanding your employee's motivations and drivers better will allow you to build improved productivity throughout your team.