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Getting your business vision & mission back on track

Hatty Blue

The first thing you can do when you notice that your culture has lost its way is to revisit your business mission and values.

Your mission statement should be a concise sentence, which sums up what your business is and why it exists. Separate to this, your values are a list of core ethics which make up your culture and drive the organisation to achieve your mission.

It sounds simple, but often when things are going wrong in a businesses culture, it can be attributed to a lack of defined values.

Revisiting your mission statement is essential when your business has been through a time of change, which many have experienced recently.

How has your business changed since you last revisited your mission statement?

·      Has your company been merged or acquired?

·      Have you recently changed your products, services or offers?

·      Are you growing and expanding?

·      Have you had to make redundancies?

·      Has your leadership structure changed?

If your business has made any of these changes recently, it's time to produce a mission statement which encompasses your business truthfully.

Think about who your business is, what it stands for, the societal issues that you believe in and what makes you unique as a business. Use these values to create a mission statement which employees can find real meaning in, and this will bring the team together.

Aligning Your Vision, Culture and Recruitment

Remember that though culture is collaborative across your employees; and that while it is in your best interest as an employer to hire the most talented individuals, you should also be mindful of creating a team that share similar values.

This is where a specialist recruiting partner is worth their weight in gold. They understand people and company culture, and can help you navigate the recruiting process so that you attract and hire the employees that are on the same journey as the rest of the people in your business.

Fostering an environment where you recruit, engage and develop people that fit with your values is the ultimate goal.

Ensuring all team members feel valued, respected and considered is the best way to create the foundations of the excellent company culture you want.  Which, in turn, will then help you attract and retain talented employees for your growth.