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Meet our partners: Oxford Media & Business School

Hatty Blue

We had the pleasure of speaking with Andrea Freeman from Oxford Media & Business School (OMBS) - a key partner with us for over two decades. We delved a little deeper into our partnership over the years.

How did you start partnering with Hatty Blue?
I have no idea! But I do know I’ve known Jo for years. I’ve owned the business for 13 years, and been principal for 15 years, so certainly as long as that!
What do you feel we have brought to OMBS since partnering?
Creativity, jobs in this space and exciting openings with media agencies that students at OMBS really want. Jo has an abundance of energy; she’s an incredibly dynamic and passionate individual. This energy showcases the sort of person that works in media to the students and gets them really excited about roles with Hatty Blue! 
How would you describe Hatty Blue if we were a person?
Warm, kind and creative.
What’s been your most memorable Hatty moment?
There’s never a dull moment – always fun, so it’s always memorable! Always a ray of sunshine.
How do partnerships with recruitment agencies in general help your students?
Hatty Blue know our course inside and out, so they know what the students have gone through to graduate. There’s real trust and understanding of how we can work together; and an incredible opportunity for students to be able to get their dream roles in the future.