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Meet the candidates: Janet

Hatty Blue

We love talking to our candidates about the jobs we match them with, and the advice they have for people who are job hunting now. Here we talk to Janet who we supported to make the move into her current role in finance at a top sports brand: 

How did you hear about Hatty?

This was the first role I had applied for with Hatty. I applied for the role on LinkedIn, peak Covid as I was made redundant the same week in March everyone was told to work from home. I didn’t think I was going to get a new role anytime soon, so I was over the moon when I landed this finance role!

What were the top two things you were looking for in a new role?

Definitely the atmosphere – I wanted to have a real connection with the people I was going to be working with. And a role that was challenging – something to keep my mind engaged and busy.

How was your experience through the recruitment process?

Really good – I was kept updated all the time. With other agencies I had signed up with I  didn’t get that much support when I was going forward for roles – but Siobhan coached me through the process and helped me get ahead with this coaching – I don’t think I could have done it without her. I could tell that at Hatty, they really cared about me, and not just placing someone in the job. The process also really helped me with my confidence, I knew on paper I might not look like I had the perfect background for the role, but Siobhan helped me position my experience in a way that made me have a real edge over other candidates.

What was different about working with us?

The communication was brilliant – even though the process was long, I was kept in the loop at all points, and there was real enthusiasm from the Hatty team which definitely made me work extra hard to get the job!

How has your experience been with finding work and Covid?

I applied for 100 jobs and maybe heard back from 10 – it had been such a tough year for me with the Covid job market, and there were points where I was really low. Having the support to help build my confidence again and make me feel like I could get this job was amazing. I couldn’t put in to words how happy I was when I got the role!

What advice would you give yourself on your job search if you could go back in time to before your current role?

Be confident, and believe you are good enough for the role. Sometimes you might not be able to tick off every point on a job spec, but still apply and show the hiring managers how passionate you are - sometimes things do work out!