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Meet the candidates: Lola

Hatty Blue

We're excited to introduce Lola as the next spotlight in our meet the candidates series who started working with our client, The Third Edge as an EA. Lola has a specialist EA skillset, used to running events and projects, so it was important we found her a role as unique as she is. Here's her story.

How did you hear about Hatty?

I had applied for a role on LinkedIn and Carly had called me back. I think LinkedIn can be intimidating for some people to use for job applications as it feels like it’s for very senior roles, but I had experience of using it to hire people in a previous job and had found it really user friendly – you’ll also be surprised at the amount of different sorts of jobs you can find on there!


What were the top two things you were looking for in a new role?

Strong leadership and people that share the same values I do of integrity and honesty. I’m used to working in high pressure environments and therefore it’s even more important to me that the people I work alongside care about the same things so that we work harmoniously to get the job done in the most efficient and seamless way possible.  


How was your experience through the process?

Fantastic – I had spoken to several recruiters previously who weren’t really interested in me as a person; but Carly really took the time to get to know me. When I explained my fears to her around getting a job during COVID she helped me build up my confidence. The first role we actually discussed didn’t work out, but Carly kept me motivated that there would be something else around the corner. Literally a week later there was another job, and that’s where I am today.


What was different about working with us?

Definitely communication. Between interviews I was communicated with every step of the way, from full briefings to solid interview feedback, I knew where I was in the process constantly which made me feel really secure. 


How has your experience been with finding work and COVID?

I hadn’t bargained for COVID affecting the job market for this long; there were recruiters I had worked with for a long time who I wasn’t hearing back from because there just haven’t been as many jobs – I think it’s really tough but you have to believe in your skills.


What advice would you give yourself on your job search if you could go back in time to before your current role?

Don’t doubt your skills and abilities regardless of what is happening in the job market. Think about all of your achievements to date; they’ll remind you how valuable you are. I knew I had to be patient that the right role would come, it will come for you too!