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Trends of 2021: A New Type of Talent Pipeline

Hatty Blue

Traditionally, talent pipelines are the pool of candidates that your organisation has been in communication with – the individuals who you have singled out as a possibility as your next key hire.

These are often people with whom your company has formed a bond; perhaps they are previous unsuccessful applicants, former employees, customers, or part of your online network.

Hiring managers often have specific ideas about what 'kind' of person they are looking for when they have their next vacancy they need to fill.

The pandemic has changed all of this.

Talent pipelines are changing – let me explain how.

Technology has disrupted the vast majority of B2B and B2C relationships and the relationships between organisations and the candidates who apply to their roles.

Diverse talent pipelines are now developing full of individuals you might never have possibly considered for your roles. In some cases, businesses hire employees for remote positions based in parts of the U.K. or world they had never considered pre-Covid.

Additionally, the skills that some organisations are now looking for will have changed. In just one year, the need for digital aptitude and excellent virtual communication has skyrocketed.

Think about how your business has changed since Covid. Are there now new skills and attributes that you know will benefit your team's mission and success?

This is particularly important when you are thinking about hiring new managers or team leaders. Your managers need to be inspiring leaders and excellent communicators. Still, the pandemic has shown how vital other characteristics are: empathy, resilience, and the ability to flex and improvise in difficult situations.

Make a note of the skill set you know will benefit your organisation in light of our Covid-altered world and be looking for these attributes when creating your role description and instructing recruiters.