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Holiday Request Form

Thank you for submitting your Holiday Request Form. This has been sent to payroll@hattyblue.co.uk and a copy has been sent to the email address that you have provided. Please keep this somewhere safe as you may need to refer to this in the future.

Once you have received the email containing your copy of the Holiday Request Form you can be safe in the knowledge we have received it too. If, however, you do not receive this email then please check your other email folders including the spam before contacting us.

If all else fails and you need to check if we have received it then please contact:

0207 2401813

Thank you

  • Q. How does the Hatty Blue Holiday Scheme work?

    A. You accrue an amount of holiday pay per each hour that you work. For example: You work 35 hours in one week, you accrue approximately half a day's holiday per full week worked. Any holiday payments will be calculated using a 12 week average of your hourly pay and will be paid to you at the same time as your receive your weekly pay.
  • Q. How can I claim holiday?

    A. First of all you should be taking time off from work, everyone needs a break. If you are considering taking time off then you first need to ask Dawn at Hatty Blue Recruitment Ltd so that this can be cleared with your line manager. If all approved then please complete this holiday form entering the dates you wish to take off - We need to know the first day you will be away from work to the date you intend to return.
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